Tuesday, September 20, 2005
Happy, Happy, Happy...

Congratulations to the ME ballers who sweeped the basketball trophies and medals at the Engineering Cup Awards!
Damn, I have an exam tomorrow (essay type) and this is a whole new level of cramming I'm doing. It's just something about objective type of exams that freak engineering students out. We're much too used to calculations and problems that we don't know how to explain everything without numbers.
I know you're gonna read this so thanks, Ruwie for another great "extra hyper-euphoric" day. I still feel elated about it. I think its another "hangover". Happy 1 month. The first of all firsts. Inch of a step for mankind. Big monkey leap for the princess. Hahaha...
Sleep tight roomies. Your snores will guide me to absolution. Today, I left my umbrella in the jeepney and my new bottle of hand sanitizer (almost left my jacket also) at the resto we ate in. Now I will venture into the most impossible feat. I have to memorize a dozen or so pages for Power Plant design. So help me God.

Saturday, September 17, 2005
Gawad Kalinga

I attended a Breakfast Forum this morning that introduced me to Gawad Kalinga's cause and it was a truly inspiring experience. Aside from the testimonials of different representatives and student leaders from UP, Ateneo and La Salle, the mind-blowing speech by Patricia Evangelista rattled my senses, not to mention the heartwarming speeches from some multinational companies CEO, Government Office Heads (even AFP was represented for), Senator Ralph Recto, and that amazing Muslim woman who devoted her life to the Gawad Kalinga vision.

It's shocking how idealistic minds can meet to make realists of everyone. That Evangelista kid (yeah, who knew she was only 19 when she won that Public Speaking competition in London?I didn't.) has some talent. Wow. Can you imagine being a college senior with your own newspaper column and a stint as a breakfast tv show host? It's crazy how some people are just extremely blessed. I wonder how their lives balance out.

The Gawad Kalinga vision leaves you in awe and it makes you think if what they say can happen will really happen if everyone helps out. I won't just sit and watch them do what they say they can do. If this will help build a better future for my grandchildren (I told you it was idealistic) then it's worth a try. It wouldn't hurt if we try to make it happen right? No money is required of you (unless you're some big shot with Ferraris and BMWs in your garage), just time, and a helping hand or two.

Learn about GAWAD KALINGA.

Friday, September 16, 2005
Survey Spree

It's Friday again and my 830-10 class is over. It's no wonder I'm so bored. Go mental on these trivia.

1. your heart's current status is beating, broken,
-= beating faster at times when we're together.

2. are you demanding?
-= yeah.There are just some things I want done my way.

3. are you in love?..
-= Yihee...

4. Which one quality first catches your attention
in the opposite sex?
-= Eyes. Understanding.

5. do u like to receive flowers?
-= Of course. I think all girls do even if they say it's totally useless.

6. are you independent?
-= Yup. I try to be. (Not, financially of course.)

7. what's your weakness?
-= When people are SINCERELY thoughtful.

8. how's your day?
-= Another one of those days when I have nothing planned.

9. how do you handle your romantic relationship
with your partner?
-= how do I? hehe..I should ask him.

10. what do you think is the most important\thing
that you need to remember and exercise in a
relationship aside from being in love?
-= I have two.Respect. and Trust.

11. what's the 1 thing that will piss you off big
-= Liars.

12. how do you cope after a breakup?
-= I dunno exactly.

13. do you let go of a relationship easily?
-= I never have.

14. what do you think about men/women who have
kids out of wedlock?
-= I think it's okay so long as the kid gets the stuff that he/she needs.

15. would you date a man/woman who has a kid born
out of wedlock?..
-= Not right now. Maybe if I get old and I have no other options.

16. which kind of gifts do you prefer to receive:
tangible or intangible gifts?
-= Gifts are always good.

17. rate your love for kids.1-10 (10 being the
-= 10

18. is she/he really special to you?
-= Very.

1.make me smile -
* For one whole week? Take me to Intramuros and make me walk 1 Km or more. :)

2.make me cry
* Tell me I flunked one subject this semester.

3.make me mad
* Be late for appointments.

4.make me like you
* Do everything I say. Hehe...

5.make me proud of you
* Do what is expected of you.

7.ease my temper
* Don't talk if i dont feel like talking. Then do something nice.

8.wake me up
* Tell me I'm late for breakfast at the mess hall. Or that he's downstairs waiting for me.

9.make me feel kilig
* Say nice things.

10.make me say the truth
* Wait for me to say it.

11.shut me up
* Do I ever?

12.tell when I'm annoyed
* I don't talk. And I roll my eyes.

13.tell when I'm bored
* When I say I am.

14.tell when I'm drunk
* If I can't touch the tip of my nose.

15.keep me as a friend
* Be nice and NEVER lie to me.

16.make me dance
* Give me a drink.

17.make me fall in love
* Do what Ruwie did.

18.make me fall out of love
* Be a jerk.

19.make me say goodbye
* Be a jerk. Make me get mad at you.

- abs and abby

- That I'm a lazy ass when it comes to my studies and I drop everything when I''m with him.

- Like most people, failure. And the future.

- him and him and him and him and him...

- Right now I like The speaks and Session Road.

- We belong together by Mariah is stuck in my head like some crazy cd put on repeat. And Especially for you by MYMP.

- Ruwie and my roommates.

- As of now I like making beaded belts and texting him 24/7 is turning into a really expensive hobby. :)

- Those sequined banig slippers and pink necklace/ belt we saw at the booth in WOW! PHilippines.

- Anything in Sales or Marketing. And I'd also love to be a columnist.

- Puerto Galera and Apo Island.

- Ruwie! And my barkada (ni bias here, guys).

- I took an exam that lasted for almost 5 hrs! And I made this really cute belt with old purple, blue and pink beads.

- Ruwie and my barkada (I haven't been to the guys' apartment for almost a month!)

- I'm really full right now but I'm excited for Helen's tuna sandwiches and chips at her dorm's Open House.

- Communications and Biology.

- We skipped graduation rehearsal because my barkada and I were somewhere crying our eyes out about some arguement we were trying to settle. We ended up laughing about it afterwards. There was also this time when my friend and I spent the afternoon at my house to study for our exams and we got bored so we made fake love and hate letters addressed to this guy I had a major crush on. I wrote it on really nice stationary so I didn't throw it away, I just slipped it in her notebook. The next day she took her notebook out for some last minute cramming and the letters fell out. Everyone in school read it.

- Beth. She borrowed my umbrella and I really have to go now so I can pay for my dorm fees and I can crash at Helen's and eat the chips and sandwiches she saved up for me.And Ruwie, waiting for his reply on my phone.

-All of them. It's a wonder how we never thought we'd turn out like this when we were young and we were bummed out about when we'd get our periods and who we were crushing on. Rhea has a family now, Fres is a nurse, Rosemay is in Thailand on another mission, Jacque is on her last year as a business major.

- On clothes I like white and pink.

- Edel and Jenny. They haven't contacted me in ages. Liz has forwarded some text messages and I see Jonie online almost everyday.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005
Let's go back in time.

This day definitely belongs in my "Most Favorite Days" box.

It was a long walk but it was well worth it. My feet didn't ache a bit when we got to the walled entrance to Intramuros. If you actually walk on the pathway on the wall and if you try to ignore the little amount of garbage (that's always present on Manila sidewalks), it's a different kind of experience. It's like taking a step back in time.

The canons are still intact (sealed) and I could almost imagine the Filipino soldiers guarding the fortress in their watchtowers. There were some statues depicting some war heroes (I presume) watching their post and sitting on a bench. Seeing the expression on their faces makes you wonder what strategies they came up with while sitting on that bench. Before we got to the end of the wall, a gigantic canon surprised us (makes you wonder if they actually used it in battles since it was soooo big). A bunch of walls forming a circle (one circle inside another and another and another...) that served as dungeons for prisoners of war during the Japanese invasion was also one of the highlights of that long walk. You can still see the small holes in the wall that served as the doors to the cells. On the walls were tiled pathways for guards and I could imagine them pacing back and forth with their watchful eyes.

The real treat is at the end of it all. Restaurants line the streets and open air acoustic concerts are performed every night (not on rainy days). When you get to the big white tent, which is actually WOW! Philippines, bazaars await you and it's a great shopping place (really great finds). Central Visayas was having an exhibit and Tanjay, Negros Or. was the host for the day. We got to taste their specialty, budbud and tsokolate (yum!). I got dizzy window shopping for accesories. We also got to see the really nice beaches and islands in Visayas on exhibit (I never got to see some of them even though I live near those places).

We admired Manila Cathedral (on the outside) because it was already late and the church was closed (or something, maybe they have office hours?). It was an amazing stack of stones. I think stone churches are a rare sight or was this one just truly breathtaking that it erased all memories of the other stone churches I've seen before?

The streets of Intramuros, the great "Walled City" I've only read in books or heard from small talk gave me a flashback of what it would have been if I was born a hundred or so years ago in Manila. The cherry on top of the icing was the sizzling "super hot chili" sisig we had for dinner. It's a wonder that I found peace in the small city in the midst of rustle of the Metro. Haaay...I hope visiting it again wouldn't spoil the good memories I've had of my first visit.

(To whoever it is that took me there, thanks for the wonderful time. Hehe. Just kidding.Love you.)

Friday, September 09, 2005
Bumming around...

1. When is ur birthday?
~ December 26, 1983

2. what do people find attractive in you?
~ Ahhm...girls say I have a cute nose. And some guys say I have a nice behind when they think I can't hear them. Some even joke that I make it stick out on purpose (duh).

3. what are you thinking about right now?
~ ME 154. I have nothing to do until 7pm tonight so I'm just gonna stay in and study.

4. best place in the world?
~ Puerto Galera

5. wats ur favourite colour?
~ Pink. Mwahaha...

6. One thing you could change?
~ Nothing, for now.

7. Wat are you wearing now?
~ blue sleeveless top and pjs with doggie and bowwow prints

8. last movie you watched?
~ hitch. It was so funny we got teary-eyed from all the laughing.

9. Do you like to be a big star?
~ nah, I'd rather be rich because I used my brains.

10. When was the last time u enjoyed?
~ last monday. I watched hitch with him. I wouldn't count ME's triumph at the Eng'g cup last night as enjoyable because the ball hit me right in the left side of my face after the players wrestled for it.I was texting when it happened so when the ball was going my way, I didn't realize it until it hit me like a gigantic fist, my senses warped and I was like, "Wtf?! Of all the people here, why me?". They should build bigger courts with the bleachers far, far away.

11. most people would describe me as:
~ maingay

12. One thing you hate about yourself?
~ I get moody sometimes.

13. what makes your day?
~ Ruwie..hehe..

14. One thing you treasure alot?
~ My friends.

15. favorite person/s in the world?
~ Ruwie Abad Esparrago. :)

16. can you dance?
~ I try.

17. hobbies?
~ Blogging, making accesories, watching movies, hanging out with friends

18. are you happy?
~ Yeah...it's hard not to be.

19. Do you believe in God?
~ Of course.

20. Have you ever regretted?
~ I live with every mistake I make.

21. are you in love ?
~ Very. I think.

22. do you miss him/ her?
~ Right now, not so much, 'cause I know I'm gonna meet him later.

23. what time is it?
~ 11:38

24. Other than answering this survey, what else are
u doing?
~ Just answering. I'm not in a hurry to read about ball and journal bearings just yet.

25. first thing to do when you wake up tomorrow?
~ Take a bath. We have an early carpool for the Gawad Kalinga Breakfast Forum.

26. where are you right now?
~ in my room

27. what kind of books do you like to read?
~ suspense, thriller, mystery, fantasy

28. what is your fav food
~ Chinese, Mediterranian, and Choco Kiss food

29. Any plans tomorrow?
~ Just the Gwad Kalinga thing, then I'd probably go home to my Lola or go to the guys' apartment.

30. what is love?
~ An insanely wonderful feeling that makes you think, "this is home".

31. Do you like the way you are?
~ Yeah...why shouldn't I?!

32. Are you Ms/Mr PERFECT?
~ Nobody is.

33. Tell 1 lie about you..
~ I never make mistakes.

34. Do you believe in KARMA?
~ Kinda, the good and positive vibes.

35. Can you live without music?
~ No. It's the soundtrack of my life.

Saturday, September 03, 2005
Shine on me...

Wow, I haven't written here for ages. I can't believe more than 1 month has passed since the last time I've blogged.

I have been busy with the dorm council, acads, and my friends. I guess I've learned to sort some of my priorities. I don't really know where to start about what I've been up to but here are some photos:

Jo's Bday (June 24)

UP Gears and Pinions 50th Anniversary Alumni Homecoming (July 16)

Dorm Acquiantance Costume Party (August 9)

Pia's Bday (August 19)

Lolo Madz' Bday at Choco Kiss (August 24)

Bayanihan Folk Dance Troupe at UP Theatre. (August 31)

See, I'm not that jealous!

You are 33.33% jealous!
For this test, the average jealousy percentage is 35.54%.
186269 people have taken this test to date.

This percentage means that :

�You are not a jealous person, but sometimes can be.
�Occasionally, you over-react to situations.
�Most of the time, you trust the people around.
�Jealously will not be a major issue in relationships, but you might want to improve your self-esteem.

I've missed this.

: >What's the story behind your name?
* The nurse mispelled it and my mom was much to sedated to notice.

> What do you like doing when you're sad?
* spend time with someone special

> What makes you nervous?
* Exams in machine design

> What makes you cry?
* I found out last night that when I get jealous I have to fight the urge to cry

> Your wish when you last blew your birthday candles?
* To graduate. (haha!)

>Do you follow fashion trends?
* Not really.

> Have you ever ran away?
* From anything.Yeah. But I try to avoid having regrets in my life.

> Have you ever intentionally ignored someone?
* Yup. When I'm mad at someone, the silent treatment's my thing.

> For how long?
* Sometimes it lasts for a few minutes, or a few days, depends on what they did to piss me off.

> Have you ever gone on a romantic date? with whom?
* Yeah. My boyfriend. =)

> When was the last time you received a love letter?
* Not ever...

> When was the last time you wrote a love letter?
* Haven't ever done that. Doesn't that freak guys out?

>If you could spend a whole week anywhere you want, where would you go?
* The beach. But I'd rather not go if he wasn't there.

> What do you think of your past?
* memorable.

> What time did you go to bed last night?
* at about 1:30, waiting for SOMEONE to message me that he arrived home safely.

> Who was the last person who said good night to you last night?
* Ruwie..hehe..but I wasn't able to read his message until this morning 'coz I fell asleep.

> What time did you get up this morning?
* 7:40.

> The reason you woke up?
* I have to go visit my Lola. I hope she cooks nilagang baboy!

> Who was the first person you saw this morning?
* my roommates, still dreaming away on their beds.

> What did you have for breakfast?
* Hhhmmm...I'm eating oatmeal and devil's food cake from choco kiss, we weren't able to eat all of it last night.

> What was the first song you listened to today?
* Never see me cry by The Speaks

> What did you have for dinner last night?
* Chicken and chopsuey, and devil's food cake icing (hehe).

> Did you go anywhere today?
* Still in my dorm room.

> Did you make/receive any phone calls today?
* Not yet.

> What did you wish for when you woke up this morning?
* That he'd wake up earlier today so he can reply to my message already.

> What is your plan right now?
* Go to my Lola's house. Read for my refrigeration class. Prepare notes for my dorm council meeting on Sunday night.

> Are you thinking about someone right now?
* Yeah. Obviously.

Saturday, July 23, 2005
Busybody me...

This week has been a totally hectic one. Kudos to the people who helped out at the UP Gears and Pinions 50th Aniversary Alumni Homecoming! Especially to the ones who were at the souvenir items booth...our sales added up to approximately P15000 that night! The room to room campaigns, miting de avance, and the obsession with our campaign materials is done with. And we won! Our entire party (sorry for bragging) swept the elections, so to speak, and left our opponents in the dust. I wish I had photos of us dancing to "Thriller". We're planning to do a repeat performance on Induction night (wehehe...) so that we can embarrass ourselves further so watch out for that. I came home crying after my ME 154 exam but I will admit that it was partly my fault 'cause I didn't speak out when I couldn't find the data in my tables, thus I resolved to panicking and making up assumptions. I hope I get partial points *crossed fingers*. My ME 182 exam wasn't so bad considering that I didn't spend countless hours studying that one. I just came home from an MTV Pilipinas concert at the Bahay ng Alumni. If getting a headache from the loud music is called a rest and recreation package then, yep, that's the only R&R thing I did this week. Now I know why they handed out free samples of painkillers at the entrance. Too bad I missed the R&R lunch thing with Lolo Madz and the GP's execom. I was really looking forward to that. I can hardly wait for next week. My pants are on fire.

Purple --> Women Empowerment

Thanks for the help everyone (and for voting straight!). Congratulations to SYNERGY! We did it! For the record, 205 people in this dorm that I call home trust me enough to be fit for the position I ran for. 32 didn't. I'd like to change their point of view...soon.

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